We can source and export any prestige New & Preowned cars to anywhere in the world.

MCM Auto is a global car exporter, specialising in exporting vehicles from the UK to destinations worldwide at competitive rates. With over a decade of experience, we have sourced and exported luxury and performance vehicles for exclusive customers globally.

When it comes to exporting vehicles from the UK, MCM Auto is a pioneer in the industry. From locating or sourcing vehicles to purchasing and exporting them, be it new cars or used ones we can ship any form of vehicles from the UK to private or commercial clients all over the world. We have the added advantage of having long term partnerships with freight forwarders hence able to deliver your new purchase in the shortest time and utmost care possible.

We can help you source UK cars VAT free and export them to you.

As UK car import specialists, we source VAT qualifying cars for clients worldwide.

We source new and used VAT qualifying cars.

We cover the VAT for you.

Reduced fees for multiple cars.

Think of us as your car buying agent & exporter.

Found a car you want us to buy? Then send us the link and we’ll do the rest.

Our endeavor is to utilize our experience and commercial knowledge to help professionals, enthusiasts and private clients who are looking to own the car of their dreams.

  • Locating Vehicles For Export
  • Trade To Trade Service
  • Private Sales
  • Shipping And Logistic Services
  • UK Import Sales

The main factor that customers think of when exporting car from UK or any other country for that matter is risk. Is the risk exporting cars from an unknown car exporter worth the potential reward at the end? Well, if you use MCM Auto, we go above and beyond to reduce that risk and to make sure you get your desired final result, your dream car, without any issues.
We have been Exporting vehicles for over 10 years and we have countless clients whose experiences which are second to none. We have a great reputation among UK’s car exporters and we achieved that by making sure that none of our customers end up being disappointed. And that is a guarantee that we will not break.

  • Being able to get the exact vehicle that you want
  • Being able to acquire luxury or high-quality vehicles not available in your local market
  • Being able to bypass the middlemen and purchase vehicle at a lower cost
  • Quick service, with inquiry to export delivery within 2 months or sometimes less
  • Safety and security, due to UK vehicles coming with strict regulations and complete provenance

Yes, we can supply everything from brake pads, complete engines to performance & styling accessories. We can supply genuine and aftermarket spare parts for all makes and models of vehicles.

All parts orders are securely wrapped prior to despatch from the UK and shipped by either DHL, airfreight or container depending on the order size. We appreciate that turnaround time is crucial hence we will keep you updated on the delivery status of your order from the start.

All parts orders are subject to a £500 minimum order value. There is no minimum order requirement if you are purchasing a vehicle at the same time.

If you have already or are in the process of purchasing a vehicle from MCM Auto, please discuss your parts and accessories requirements with us. We will tell you more about our parts sourcing service on your behalf and ways to customise your vehicle before it leaves the UK so your new car will be ready to be enjoyed upon arrival to your destination country.

We are a UK VAT registered limited company. Our limited company number 14588291 can be verified online for added peace of mind. 

Local references can be provided on request and further company details can also be supplied.

Trustworthiness is the core of our business!